He was also Batty in Ferngully

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かげぶんしんのじゅつ ——!!

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my boyfriend made me leave because i haven’t stopped watching this video.

this is the most important video of my life

This video……..completes me lol I can’t stop laughing. can’t breathe

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I knew from the beginning I never had a chance. I know how I feel. I wish I can go back to not feeling anything at all. How did you shine a light into the darkest part of my heart? I know what you said, and I know it can never be. But I will disappear when that day comes. Not because I am angry, not because I do not want to you in my life, because I am not strong enough. Your happiness means a lot to me. And I can’t let you see me fall back into the darkness, because you deserve to smile and laugh every single second.

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Mamoru and Usagi from Sailor Moon Crystal OP!!! 


Mamoru and Usagi from Sailor Moon Crystal OP!!! 

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ngl luigi death stare is going to be my favorite meme of 2014


the song is just such a perfect fit

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Luigi is ruthless

original gif

What the fuck

I love this! Luigi Love!

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